Peer-Reviewed, National or International


“Building a Practice of Social Justice”: BOBCATSSS 2018, Riga, Latvia

(Forthcoming) Workshop, “Building a Program of Inclusive Practice.” Association for Learning Development in Higher Education conference. Online (sponsored by ALDinHE, UK). 15 May 2020. (With Zachary Newell.)

(Forthcoming) Workshop, “Emotional Labor in Library Instruction: Impact, Struggle, and Strategies.” Association for Learning Development in Higher Education conference. Online (sponsored by ALDinHE, UK). 4 May 2020. (With Lorrie Evans.)

Workshop, “Getting Wicked in the Classroom: Incorporating Complex, Real-World Skills into Library Instruction.” LILAC 2019 conference, Nottingham, UK. 25 April 2019. (With Lorrie Evans.)

Presentation, “Exploring the ‘Why?’: Exploring Students’ Processes of Reasoning Using the Actor-Oriented Transfer Perspective.” LILAC 2019 conference, Nottingham, UK. 24 April 2019.

Workshop, “When the Library One-Shot Goes Online: What to Let Go, What to Keep, What to Build.” LILAC 2019 conference, Nottingham, UK. 24 April 2019. (With Lorrie Evans.)

Online panel presentation. “Tenure-Track Positions: Could I Survive? Could I Thrive?” Association of College and Research Libraries University Libraries Section Professional Development Online Program. (With Gene Springs and Dr. Barbara B. Moran.) 6 December 2018. 132 attendees.

Poster presentation, “Enacting the Library as Transformational Space.” ALISE 2018 conference, Denver, Colorado, USA. 6 February 2018. (With Zachary Newell.)

Workshop, “Building a Practice of Social Justice: In Our Libraries, Our Communities, and Ourselves.” BOBCATSSS 2018 conference, Riga, Latvia. 25 January 2018. (With Zachary Newell.)

Workshop, “Academic Libraries as Centers of Equity on Campus.” BOBCATSSS 2017 conference. Tampere, Finland. 26 January 2017. (With Zachary Newell.)

Presentation, “The Impact of Creativity on Information Literacy Instruction.” BOBCATSSS 2017 conference. Presentation. Tampere, Finland. 27 January 2017. (With Zachary Newell.)

Poster session, Engaging with the ACRL Information Literacy Framework Conference, 10 March 2016, Albany, NY: “The Professor-Librarian: Exploring Arrangements Under Which Librarians Teach Credit Courses.” (With Pete Ramsey and Galin Jones.)

Poster session, American Library Association Annual Conference, 24 June 2012, Anaheim, CA: “Thinking Critically about Classroom Technologies using the TPCK Framework.” (With Margaret G. Grotti.)

Poster session, American Library Association Annual Conference, 23 June 2012, Anaheim, CA: “Measuring Anonymity in Academic Virtual Reference.” (With Kristin Grabarek Roper.)

Presentation, Library Orientation Exchange (LOEX) Annual Conference, 7 May 2011, Fort Worth, TX: “Teaching with WorldCat Local: What’s Different?” (With Margaret G. Grotti.)

Presentation, Computers in Libraries, April 2010, Washington, DC: “Gen X Librarians: Leading from the Middle.”  (With Nina McHale and Lisa Carlucci Thomas.)

Presentation, American Library Association New Members’ Round Table, 11 July 2009, Chicago, IL: “Starting Out? Start with You: What Every New Librarian Needs to Know.”  (With Lisa Carlucci Thomas.)

Presentation, Reference Renaissance, 5 August 2008: “Apples & Oranges: A Comparison of Proprietary Chat Reference Software Versus Free Instant Messenger Services.”  (With Nina McHale and Lorrie Evans.)

Poster session, American Library Association Annual Conference, 28 June 2008: “Working Smarter, Not Harder: Teaching Students and Staff with Screencasting.”

Poster session, Colorado Academic Library Consortium, 23 May 2008: “Why Do Freshmen Visit the Reference Desk?”

Presentation, Fourth Annual Conference on Colonialism, 3 June 2004, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland: “Golden Age Mythology and Women in Yeats and Tagore’s Nationalistic Writing.” Included in session titled “India and the Irish Literary Revival.”

Select Invited (National, International, or Graduate Courses Outside CU Denver)

Invited webinar presentation: ACRL Membership Committee, 12 November 2019: “Making Yourself Marketable for Academic Library Positions.” Attendance: 132. Video. Slides.

Invited lecture at San Jose State University: Prof. Tiffany Curtin’s INFO 287-02 Seminar in Info Science: Adult Literacy. Lecture title: “Diverse Learners in the Academic Library: ESL, Generation 1.5, First Generation, and GED Students.” 29 February 2016.

Online Presentation, Educating Librarians in the Middle East (ELIME), 5 March 2013: “Free Online Technologies for Teaching and Learning.” (With Joan Petit.) Total attendance for two sessions: approximately 105.

Presentation, Indiana University School of Library and Information Science, 28 February 2011, Bloomington, Indiana: “Assessment of Library Instruction.” Presentation given to Dr. Cassidy Sugimoto’s graduate course titled Evaluation of Resources and Services.

Panel Discussion, Reference Renaissance, 8-10 August 2010, Denver, CO: Untitled presentation on options for providing virtual reference.  Panel of four librarians from across the United States.

Online Presentation, American Library Association Virtual Conference, 7 July 2010: “Starting Out? Start With You: What Every New Librarian Needs to Know.”  Reprise of our presentation from the American Library Association’s Annual Conference.  (With Lisa Carlucci Thomas.) Attendance: 185.

Presentation, American Library Association Annual Conference, 26 June 2010, Washington, DC: “Starting Out? Start With You: What Every New Librarian Needs to Know.”  (With Lisa Carlucci Thomas.) Attendance: 230.

Panel Discussion, American Library Association, 24 January 2009, Denver, CO: RUSA Hot Topics in Frontline Reference Services: “Beyond Meebo: New Alternatives in Instant and Text Messaging Reference Services.” Panel of Denver librarians.