peer-reviewed articles

I have published the following articles in national or international peer-reviewed journals. Papers that are still under review are are labeled as such.

(Under review) Newell, Zachary and Karen Sobel. “Building a Program of Inclusive Practice: A Toolkit for Educating and Empowering Future Practitioners.” Submitted to the Journal of Education in Library and Information Science (22 September 2020).

(Under review) Sobel, Karen. “Motivating Factors for the Transfer of Information Literacy Skills among Undergraduates.” Submitted to Library and Information Research (23 February 2020).

(Under review) Sobel, Karen and Scott McLeod. “Actor-Oriented Transfer: Investigating How P-12 Students Apply Information Literacy. Submitted to the School Libraries Worldwide (22 January 2020).

(Forthcoming) Sobel, Karen. “Motivations for Continued Use of Critical Thinking Skills among First-Year Seminar Graduates.” Submitted to Teaching & Learning Inquiry (Accepted for publication 13 December 2020).

Sobel, Karen and Lorraine Evans. “Emotional Labour, Information Literacy Instruction & the COVID-19 Pandemic.” Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education 19 (Special Edition; 2020): 2-8.

Sobel, Karen. “The Actor-Oriented Transfer Perspective in Information Literacy Instruction.” Journal of Academic Librarianship 44.5(2018): 627-632.

Sobel, Karen. “Recruiting Faculty for First-Year Seminars: A Review of the Literature.” Teaching and Learning Inquiry 6.1(2018): 67-78.

Sobel, Karen, T. Peter Ramsey, and Dr. Galin Jones. “The Professor-Librarian: Academic Librarians Teaching Credit-Bearing Courses.” Public Services Quarterly 14.1(2018): 1-21.

Sobel, Karen. “Root Cause Analysis: Parsing Complex Challenges in Academic Libraries.” Journal of Academic Librarianship 43.4(2017): 312-318.

Sobel, Karen, Susan Avery, and Ignacio J. Ferrer-Vinent. “Teaching Them to Teach: Programmatic Evaluation of Graduate Assistants’ Teaching Performance.” Public Services Quarterly 12.3(2016): 189-231.

Sobel, Karen and Josiah Drewry. “Succession Planning for Library Instruction.” Public Services Quarterly 11.2(April-June 2015): 95-113.

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Roper, Kristin Grabarek and Karen Sobel. “Anonymity versus Perceived Patron Identity in Virtual Reference Transcripts.” Public Services Quarterly 8.4(2012): 297-315.

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