peer-reviewed articles

I have published the following articles in national or international peer-reviewed journals:

(Submitted) Sobel, Karen. “Motivating Factors for the Transfer of Information Literacy Skills among First-Year Undergraduates.” Submitted to the Journal of Academic Librarianship (17 January 2020).

(Submitted) Sobel, Karen and Scott McLeod. “Actor-Oriented Transfer: Investigating How P-12 Students Apply Information Literacy. Submitted to the Journal of Research on Libraries and Young Adults (10 January 2020).

Sobel, Karen. “The Actor-Oriented Transfer Perspective in Information Literacy Instruction.” Journal of Academic Librarianship 44.5(2018): 627-632.

Sobel, Karen. “Recruiting Faculty for First-Year Seminars: A Review of the Literature.” Teaching and Learning Inquiry 6.1(2018): 67-78.

Sobel, Karen, T. Peter Ramsey, and Dr. Galin Jones. “The Professor-Librarian: Academic Librarians Teaching Credit-Bearing Courses.” Public Services Quarterly 14.1(2018): 1-21.

Sobel, Karen. “Root Cause Analysis: Parsing Complex Challenges in Academic Libraries.” Journal of Academic Librarianship 43.4(2017): 312-318.

Sobel, Karen, Susan Avery, and Ignacio J. Ferrer-Vinent. “Teaching Them to Teach: Programmatic Evaluation of Graduate Assistants’ Teaching Performance.” Public Services Quarterly 12.3(2016): 189-231.

Sobel, Karen and Josiah Drewry. “Succession Planning for Library Instruction.” Public Services Quarterly 11.2(April-June 2015): 95-113.

Pretlow, Cassi and Karen Sobel. “Rethinking Library Service: Improving the User Experience with Service Blueprinting.” Public Services Quarterly 11.1(Jan.-Mar. 2015): 1-12.

Sobel, Karen and Margaret G. Grotti. “Using the TPACK Framework to Facilitate Decision Making on Instructional Technologies.” Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship 25.4(2013): 255-262.

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