Back…with a new focus

Hi, everyone–

When I last posted, eons ago, I was discussing one of my professional passions: students’ motivations behind information-related behaviors.

Since then, much has changed. I became a director of faculty development at my institutions two years and eight months ago–I’m only counting in a good way. šŸ™‚ My whole career, and the topics that I think about and put into action every day, changed. (Oh — and there was a pandemic.)

I’ve been looking forward to writing again, now with a new focus. One thing that has stood out to me these past two years and eight months is that there is so much about faculty development and faculty life that we don’t often discuss. I’m in an unusual position where my center *does not* cover development of teaching skills. We have a wonderful partner unit that focuses exclusively on that. Thus, we focus on progression toward career goals, promotion and tenure, building a positive faculty culture, thriving as individuals, and much more. I love these conversations.

So let’s talk. As I begin our conversations soon, I look forward to hearing your perspectives and experiences — no matter what role you play, where you work, and so on. (Some of my most revealing conversations are with people who do work that’s completely different from mine.)

Thanks for reading! See you soon.