While I’ve been working on sketching out a post that really does relate to the theme of this blog(!), I’ve also been thinking about something else. For me, in my own mind and heart and work, this ties together education and library science and other major components of my profession and my life. (But yeah — it does stray away from the theme a bit. No excuses. 🙂  )

Recently I’ve been doing some organized soul searching — among other things, receiving some amazing mid-career coaching from my friend Janneke — and I have developed a new practice. It’s changed things.

When I find myself hesitating to take a professional leap right now, I try to pull apart the layers of emotion that are guiding my choice. What’s really there, layer upon layer? What’s keeping me from taking action? Sometimes there are perfectly good reasons — the time isn’t right, or I need to think through the options further, or…sometimes it’s just a case of common sense!…but sometimes there’s a layer of fear.

And if it’s fear without a good reason, I try to look at the situation and the choices without that layer of fear. What does the answer look like now? Powerful magic, my friends.

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